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Saving Hope premiere date

Filed Under (Articles, Videos) by Janine at 7:33 pm

NBC is readying for summer with some fresh fare.

The network has announced launch dates for the debut of Saving Hope, starring Erica Durance and Michael Shanks, and the returns of Love in the Wild and American Ninja Warrior.

The Canadian co-production Saving Hope will premiere Thursday, June 7, at 10/9c after the two-hour debut of the reality dating series Love in the Wild at 8 pm.

The new drama stars Smallville alumnae Durance as a surgeon whose comatose fiancé (played by Stargate SG-1‘s Shanks) wanders the hospital as a spirit. The cast also includes Daniel Gillies (The Vampire Diaries) as a newly arrived hot shot doc. (source)

Check out a trailer for the show:

Erica Durance Previews Her Date With Charlie’s Angels (Plus, Smallville Finale Scoop…?)

Filed Under (Articles) by Janine at 6:45 pm

Erica Durance has a date with an Angel — all four of ‘em, actually — as a guest star on this Thursday’s Charlie’s Angels (ABC, 8/7c), which pays homage to the classic “Angels in Chains” episode circa 1976. TVLine spoke with the Smallville alumna about getting her Glock on as a CIA agent, her Hope to star in a medical drama, and breaking out of the genre-TV “box.” (We also of course made one last grab for Clark/Lois scoop!)

TVLINE | You told me that once Smallville wrapped, you wanted to “kick ass and take numbers.” So, do you get to kick a little ass on Charlie’s Angels?
In kind of a different way. She’s got the gun, she has a little physicality, and there’s definitely potential for her to really be tough, but in this particular situation there’s only a bit of that. They’re just establishing who she is, and we’ll see where they go with it. But I am a “gun-toting CIA agent”! [Laughs]

TVLINE | Specifically, a “Glock-toting CIA agent.” Tell us more about Samantha Masters.
Oh, Samantha Masters…. She’s a woman who is very career-driven, and she has a little bit of a history with Bosley (played by Ramon Rodriguez). He’s part of the reason she’s had a falling out with the CIA, so there’s a lot of tension they get to play with. She’s very self-reliant, and independent….
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